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If you need replacement parts for your sand mullers, sand mixers or molding machines, contact us today.

FargoWear is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality replacement parts. In addition to custom work, we are currently making replacement parts for all major mixer and muller manufacturers.

All items are inspected 100% at each stage of the manufacturing operation. The continuous technological advancements, in product design and manufacturing processes, allows FargoWear to provide our customers a high quality product and fast delivery at a reasonable price.

Foundry Replacement Parts,
by FargoWear,
Fall into Two Categories:

Sand Mixers & Sand Mullers - Replacement Parts
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Molding Machines - Replacement Parts
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FargoWear carbide-tipped plows, paddles, wear plates and other wear-resistant parts are tough enough to survive the most abrasive conditions. The tougher we make it, the better you'll like it. When it comes to service, we make it easy.

We can custom design parts to your specifications.
Delivery time on non-inventoried parts is just 1- 3 weeks, FASTER if you need it. Fill out your Request for Quote Now!

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Manufacturing replacement parts for virtually all brands of
sand mixers, sand mullers, and molding machines
for the foundry industry is FargoWear's specialty!

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