Molding Machine Replacement Parts

  • Chamber Plates:
    Specially hardened chamber plates offer the highest hardness with the tightest tolerances available. All specifications meet and/or exceed O.E.M. specifications for fit, finish and overall quality. HACA chamber plates offer the highest "Mold Count" while producing the finest castings.


    • Special air vents which stay unclogged longer.
    • Special air vents designed with the venturi effect.
    • Specially hardened Alloy Steel Hardness tolerances of 62-64 RC.
    • Or " BLACK DIAMOND STEEL " Hardened to 72 RC.


    • Higher mold counts with consistent hardness specifications.
    • Reduced mold " shift " resulting from closer tolerances.
    • Lower labor costs to clean vents.

  • Bottom Wear Sheets:
    Specially hardened and additional hardchromed plate wear sheets offer the longest lasting part in the industry. The hardchroming provides additional abrasion and corrosion resistance. All specifications EXCEED O.E.M. specifications for fit, finish and overall quality, offer the highest "Mold Count" while producing the finest castings.


    • Hardness of 62 Rockwell - C (standard)
    • Chroming process reduces wear and corrosion by over 50%


    • Higher mold counts with CHROMED hardness specifications.
    • Reduced mold Shift resulting from flatness specifications.

  • Pattern Plates:
    Pattern Mounting Plates are manufactured in your specific thicknesses.
    Example: 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm, all the way to 58mm, 59mm & more.
    Part numbers are necessary as well as thickness.

    Items to be produced from "HACARIT - GS20" cast iron for superior stability and flatness. All products are guaranteed to exceed all O.E.M. specifications for fit, finish and overall part life.

  • Heater Plates:

  • Guide Rails:


    • Higher mold counts with consistent hardness specifications.

  • Thrust Bars:
    Our Thrust Bars are produced with our special hardened DIA-PLUS (52HRC) Stainless Steel Wear Palates attached to the face for the reduction of sand stick and the increase in part life and corrosion resistance.

    The stainless steel wear plate is not a replaceable part of our thrust bars and is permanently attached. It is bolted and welded onto the thrust bars.

    Without sealing the wear plate with the welding, sand would get behind the thrust wear plates and in front of the thrust bar. This causes the wear plate to buckle. For this reason, we do not recommend using a replaceable wear plate for the thrust bar.

  • Capping Strips:
    For PMC  (Precision Mold Conveyor)
    and AMC  (Automatic Mold Conveyor)

    Capping Strips protect the top of the pouring rail, therefore eliminating the need to replace the pouring rails. FaroWear supplies capping strips in three variations: Mild Alloy Steel, Hardened Alloy Steel, and Stainless Steel.

    • Mild Alloy Steel:

    • Hardened Alloy Steel:
      The capping strips manufactured from hardened steel have a longer part life than the mild steel therefore they you do not replace as often.

    • Hardened Stainless Steel:
      The capping strips manufactured from stainless steel have an even longer life. Stainless steel also eliminates sand stick, corrosion and reduces damage from iron spill. Stainless steel capping strips reduce friction.


    • Corrosion resistant hardened alloy steel.
    • Unique "self-centering" mounting system.
    • Hardness tolerance of 50 Rockwell  - C.


    • Eliminate the replacing or moving of entire pouring rail.
    • Eliminates all mold or sand sticking during downtime.
    • Easy cleaning of run-outs (no iron sticking).
    • One man installation greatly reduces labor costs.
    • Reduces mold shifts and scrap castings.
    • Low sectional replacement costs.
    • Selectively repair rail areas.

  • Cams:
    Insures the precise movement of the swing plate.
    Specially hardened to 62 HRC for longer part life.

  • Tie-Rod Bushings:
    Our Tie-rod bushing body and flange is cast as one unit for permanent alignment. This eliminates the flange shifting to the oil hole. The bushing is supplied complete with retaining rings, special wipers and screws.


    • Bushing body and flange cast as one unit for permanent alignment.
    • Special A.R. grade bronze material.


    • Eliminate flange shifting to oil hole.
    • Longer part life of material.
    • Complete part ready-to-install.
    • Low initial cost.

  • Tie Rods (Standard):
    Insures the accurate movement of the counter pressure plate. Standard tie-rod produced to exceed O.E.M. specification for fit, finish and overall quality. They are specifically machined, ground and chromed.


    • Double hardchromed thickness vs O.E.M.
    • Specially ground "on-centers" for improved straightness.


    • Complete parts ready to install
    • Longer part life.
    • Lower initial cost.
    • Tie Rod hardchromed thickness 2 times more than O.E.M.

  • Tie Rods (Sleeved):
    The Tie-Rod Sleeve is a special patented design to add a heavy walled sleeve to the tie-rod.


    • Precision machined "3 Step" design.
    • Additional hardchromed on wear surfaces.
    • Specially ground "on-centers" for straightness.
    • Heavy walled sleeve for added strength.


    • Tie-Rod Sleeves are hardchromed.
    • "Stepped" design eases installation and removal.
    • "Stepped" design reduces corrosion between metal surfaces.
    • Lower initial cost and lower stocking costs of sleeves.

  • Reconditioned Tie-Rods
    Tie Rod to be rebuilt to exceed OEM Specifications with 4 times the hard chrome for additional abrasion resistance and extended part life. The price includes stripping old chrome, regrinding surface, welding repair as needed, chrome plating and polishing to size.

  • Pouring Rails:
    Supply both AMC and PMC Rails

    • PMC Rail
      ---Complete with Capping Strip
      ---Fully Assembled
      ---Fixing Elements
      ---Ready to Install

    • AMC Rail
      Our reconditioning system will bring your AMC rails back to their original dimensions and will allow your rails to work longer at a fraction of the price of new AMC rails.

  • Piston Rods:
    1. Main Piston Ram...............................(New or Rebuilt)
    2. Accumulator Piston Rod.....................(New or Rebuilt)
    3. Counter Pressure Plate Piston Ram.....(New or Rebuilt)

  • Bed Plate Conversion:
    Our vacuumless bedplate conversion will allow use of the standard 8mm bottom wear plate with older mold making machines using 3mm. The vacuum pump is eliminated including use of a silicon seal.


    • "High Hold" mechanical magnet with 2800 lbs.  (1300 kg.) pull.
    • Adapter shims for use of 8mm liners with older model machines.
    • Easy "bolt-in" installation with standard mounting locations.
    • Push-up screw design for safe and easy mounting of the wear sheet.


    • Four times the mold count with the thicker wear sheet.
    • Lower cost of labor for wear sheet installation.
    • Standardizes inventory for users of old and new mold machines.

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