Sand Mixer & Sand Muller
Replacement Parts

  • Carbide-Tipped Plows:
    Sintered tungsten carbide blanks are brazed along working edge to reduce wear. Standard and custom designs. Long life, low maintenance.

  • Ceramic-Faced Plows:
    Fired alumina ceramic tile covers entire plow face to resist erosion and reduce friction. Can cut muller power consumption up to 20%

  • Carbide Tipped Mixer Paddles:
    With working edges of sintered tungsten carbide, they last longer.

  • Plow Holders:

  • Polyurethane Side Liners:
    Four times the life of rubber liners. Will not tear if tramp metal contaminates sand. Smooth surface reduces energy consumption.

  • Polyurethane Wheels:
    When your muller tires or wheels need replacing, polyurethane is again the logical alternative. Polyurethane is coated over the the worn down wheel, returning it to it's original diameter and width. This process can be performed at a fraction of the cost of a new wheel.

  • Elevator Bucket Digger Frames:
    Tungsten carbide is the ideal material for protecting the edges of replacement wear parts. No other material comes close to tungsten carbide for resisitance to sand abrasion.

    The FargoWear "Trailbuster" is a carbide edged steel frame dimensioned slightly larger than the regular elevator buckets in order to scrape excess build-up from the walls. This excess material that has been scraped falls directly into the next bucket.

    The "Trailbuster" provides a clear passageway for oncoming buckets. This in turn reduces stress on the elevator transport belts and also adds life to your elevator buckets.

  • Cast Ni-Hard Bowls:
    This Ni-Hard material was specifically developed for FargoWear. Cast Ni-Hard alloy lasts four to five times longer than cast iron bowls. The Ni-Hard Bowl is completely machined and guaranteed to last longer and fit correctly.

  • Gray Iron Bowls
    Available for low production foundries

  • Alloy Muller Bottoms:
    Fabricated from abrasion-resistant alloy, heat treated to 400-440 BHN throughout. Last up to three times as long as OEM hot rolled steel bottoms with minimum maintenance.

  • Alloy Crib Liners
    Fabricated from abrasion - resistant 360 BHN alloy plate. Last twice as long as OEM mild steel liners.

  • Sprue Cutters:
    Sintered tungsten carbide along working edges of cutter resists abrasion. Sharp, uniform cutting edges produce clean, acccurate sprue holes.

  • Custom-Designed Wear Parts:
    When you have a wear problem, we can design a part to solve it.

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